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Everyone always calls our family pictures the "Adams family".  Well, we are the Gerischer family.  Barry, Becky, Debbie and Erik.

Life before Aaron.

Left:  Aaron Gerischer, our baby with his girlfriend, Meredith.

Right:  Jennifer Gerischer, our favorite and one and only daughter-in-law.

Bill and Mike Seitz.

Sandy Seitz, Mikes wife on the Right.

Debbies nephews

Left is Bill, Karla and Haley Seitz.

Right is Mike and Sandys son, Michael.  He is now driving.

Michael just a little older with our granddaughter, Sarah.

Left:  The Flood of '65.  Mom had the house on the left built three feet higher than the Mississippi had ever been.

On the Right:  Will and Vera Van Fossen.

These are two of my Clough cousins.  On the Left is Kevin, his father was Larry.  Kevin is the one that started our family in genealogy.

On the Right is Steve Clough.  He is the son of Clyde Clough and the father of Cindy Lee Clough.

Far left if Don, center is Jan, and on the right is David Oleson.  Debbies first cousins.


Left is a step cousin, Mickey Scherbroeck.

Right is another step cousin, Larry Sherman.

Left is Nellie Mason.  She is like an Aunt to me and when my father died she lived with us.  I took dancing from her for 16 year.

Right is Bobby Lippencott and a dear family friend when I was a child.

The Al and Phyllis Matheys family.  Jim is in the center holding the baby.  Jim is now the President of Buffalo Savings Bank, Buffalo, Iowa.  They are a wonderful family and the Bank if a GREAT Bank.

Right:  Mother and daughter having fun in the Photo machine of the 1960's.

Right:  My step-father Joe Strobbe.  He was a wonderful man and the best Grandfather to Donna's and my children.  Although, my husband Barry is a GREAT grandfather too.

Barry with Becky and Erik on a fishing trip.

Becky with her father at our 30th anniversary dinner.  We all had a great time.

On the left is Nicole Johnson.  Debbies great niece.

On the right is Becky.

On the left is Aaron with our favorite girl, Mere.  The picture was taken a few agos at Rockridge's Homecoming.

Michael Seitz, all grown up at the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa with his girlfriend, Jessica.

On the left is Father and son, Erik and Barry at Eriks wedding almost 10 years ago.  Oh how time flys.