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Lou Pickens Found Dead In Shanty on Willow Island

From "Davenport Democrat and Leader" September 7, 1919

Debbie's Great Uncle

Acute alcoholism combined with tuberculosis caused the death of Lou Pickens, 42, a local character whose lifeless body was found early Saturday lying in a shanty on Willow Island at the foot of Division street.  An autopsy performed by Dr. J. D. Cantwell and Coroner Clarence D. Ebert revealed tuberculosis infection in the lungs and traces of alcoholism.

Pickens' body was discovered at 8 o'clock by Lou Redmond and Lou Rohn who went to the shanty to visit him.  When they received no response to their knocks they entered the shanty and found the body lying in the bed.  Pickens had been dead several hours.

C. McClure, who lived in the shanty with Pickens, left the place at 6 a. m.  He informed the coroner that Pickens was asleep when he departed.  He did not notice anything unusual.  Pickens had had several drinks of whisky before retiring although he was not intoxicated  McClure said.

Pickens leaves a wife and one child residing on Third street.  Mrs. Pickens started suit for divorce several weeks ago.  The suit is now pending in district court.

Coroner Ebert anounced late Saturday that he was undecided whether to hold an inquest or not.  The body was removed to the Stapleton parlors pending funeral arrangements.


Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Stapleton Undertaking parlors, funeral sercices, for the late Lou Pickens, who passed away Saturday, will be held.

In addition to his wife, Mr. Pickens is survived by a small son, Louis Harvey Pickens; two sisters, Mrs. Lottie Clough, of this city, and Mrs. William Lerch, of Hartford, Conn.

The Owl lodge will be in charge of the services at the parlors, and at the grave in oakdale cemetery.


Anna Elizabeth Dencker Stockman

Debbie's Great Aunt

Late yesterday afternoon Mrs. W. I. Stockman of West Chester community, 47 years of age and the mother of 13 children sucumbed to injuries recieved earlier in the day in a runaway accident north of West Chester.

Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon in the Methodist church at West Chester and will be conducted by Rev.P. B. Gray.  Internment will be in the cemetery at Brighton, her former home.


Mrs. Stockman in company with 2 of her younger children Mildred and Earl was on her way to West Chester to take part in a school picnic, when it is supposed that the harness on the horse she was driving broke, permitting one of the shafts to drop,  The horse began kicking and ran, overturning the buggy and throwing Mrs. Stockman to the hard ground with considerable force.

She was hurried to the Washington County Hospital as speedily as possible, but she suffered from a very severe concussion of the brain and lived only about six hours.  Niether of the children were hurt.


 Her husband and children are overcome with grief over the tragic death of the wife and mother.  The home life centered around her and the home is now vastly changed and saddened place.  Mrs. Stockman as number of years ago united with the Christian church at Brighton and for her home life and in her association with her neighbors exemplified the principles of her religon in a forceful way.

She was a daughter of Henry and Lucretia (Vlerebome) Dencker.  Anna Dencker was born near Princeton, New Jersey April 1, 1879.  She came with her parents to Washington Co. when about twelve years old.  The Dencker family was formerly well known residents of the Brighton Community.


She was married to Will F. Stockman on Sept. 13, 1897 and they had lived in Washington Co. ever since, with the exception of a few years spent in Jefferson Co.  and Henry Counties.  For several years past they had lived on what is known as the Lon Brindley farm, northeast of West Chester.

She is survived by her father, who lives in Rock Island, by her husband and the following children, all of whom live in Washington Co.  John, Samuel, William, Osie, Clark, Leo, Lee, Virgil, Dora, Ivan, Mildred, Earl, and Louis.

Three sisters, Mrs. Sadie Simpson and Mrs. Grace Maitlen of Rock Island and Mrs. Emma Delp of Ohio and one brother Louis Dencker of Des Moines also survive.

Later Obit from West Chester, Iowa

The funeral of Mrs. William Stockman was held here in the Methodist church Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock.  It was the largest attendance of any funeral that has been held here for several years.

The funeral was preached by the Rev. Coleman of Keota, Iowa and the Rev. Lindenmayer and Supt. of the Schools.  This makes two sad accidents we have had here in the past few weeks and one can never tell what the next will be or when.  It is as the Rev. Gray said in the sermon, it is the best plan to be ready all the time.


James Haney Believed Victim of Foul Play - Four In Custody


Dead Man Injured in Fall is Story of His companions - Police Probe Tale - More Arrests Probable - Inquest Tomorrow

Feb. 18, 1918 - Barry's Great Great Uncle - Muscatine, Iowa

With his head a mass of bruises and contusions, his clothing dissarranged as though from a struggle the lifeless body of James Haney, a button cutter residing on Sherman Street East Hill was discovered in a shell shed in the rear of the Rosenfield button factory in Mad creek bottoms early this morning.  Evidence pointing to murder spurred the police to action and at noon four men were being held awaiting the action of the coroners jury.

An inquest will be held tomorrow morning at which time it is expected that the mystery will be penetrated.

Body Still Warm

The discovery of the lifeless body was made by "Doc" Rosenfield the proprietor of the button cutting plant at about 6:30 this morning.  He at once notified the police department and Officer Miller together with Chief Bronner hurried to the scene.  When they arrived they found the corpse still warm.  Coroner A. J. Weaver who arrived a half hour later expressed the belief that death occurred within a half hour prior to the finding of the body.

Head Badly Cut

The unfortunate man's head was a mass of bruises and abrasions.  The cut which it is believed proved fatal was observed behind the right ear.  A two inch gash fully an inch in depth is believed to have fractured the skull.  A cut over the right eye another across the check and a blackened eye told the story of a pre-mortem struggle.  The man was coatless.  His vest was opened and his other clothing was dissarranged in a manner which suggested a struggle.  From the man's mouth flowed a stream of blood which told of internal injuries.

Injured by Fall Claim

Shortly after the discovery of the corpse information was gained by the police in the effect that a party of men removed an unconscious or lifeless form from a cabin boat at the foot of Orange street last night proceding north with it.  The identify of the men in this unusual procedure was established and Herman Moore "Commie" Freeman, Ollie Lamphier and Henry Rehbein were rounded up by the authorities.  They promptly admitted of assisting in the removal of Haney from the cabin boat to the vicinity of the Rosenfield button factory.  They denied foul play however claiming that the man received an injury while at the cabin boat.

Had Been Drinking

The men who admitted of being in Haney's company last evening were questioned at length by Chief Bronner.  They all told the same story.  According to their declarations Haney had been drinking during the day.  They were a bit hasy about the exact manner of his injury however.  None of them admitted to having observed his reported fall.  They claimed that they were outside the boathouse when they heard a crash, a thud and a groan.  Upon their investigation they declare they found Haney lying on the floor of the boat house bleeding profusely and in a semi-conscious condition.

An inspection of the boat house by police officers revealed a pool of blood on the floor of the frame building and another on the ground beneath the structure.

Carried Body Away

The men under surveiliance state that at about 9:30 o'clock they moved the injured man from the boat house to the Rosenfield button plant.  According to their story they gained entrance to the factory by forcing open a window, carried Haney to the rear part where they deposited the unconscious form upon a number of sacks.

The shed in which the corpse was found is some distance from the button factory.  It would have been necessary to have crowned a muddy strip of road.

Haney's shoes were found to be without a trace of mud and no evidence of the injured man's presence in the factory was discernable to the authorities.  The shell sacks were stated and no blood was seen in the factory building.

The local police discredit the claim that Haney was placed in the button plant, having been unable to pick up one bit of evidence supporting this part of the story told by the men being held.

More Arrests Hint

Chief of Police Bronner stated this afternoon that additional clues picked up by the authorities would lead to other arrests later in the day.  County Attorney Kammerer is investigating the case and will conduct the examination of the witnesses at the inquest on behalf of the state.  It is possible that an autopsy will be held over the corpse which is now being held at the Rankin undertaking rooms.

Lived With Sister

James Haney was born in Sweetland township July 24, 1874, and resided in Muscatine county his entire life.  His parents moved to Muscatine about twenty years ago.  The deceased made his home with his mother and sisters, until his mothers death, Dec. 6, 1916, since which time he has resided with his sister, Miss Jennie Haney at the old family residence on Sherman street.

He is survived by five sisters they being Miss Jennie of Muscatine, Miss Maggie of Winona, Minn., Mrs. Jerry Mahaney and Mrs. Dave Chandler both of Muscatine and Mrs. J. Freese of Sweetland center.  

He was preceeded in death by his father, one brother John and one sister, Mrs. I. A. Freese, all of whom have been dead a number of years.


 Harvey was divorced from Sophia, once in 1890 and this is the divorce I have chosen to share with you.  The second was in 1894.  He remarried a woman, Sarah Frysinger just before he died.  His obit that tells of the "love story" is in Scrap Book section.  We also have a picture of Harvey in the Genealogy section of the Clough's.  Also in the Scrap Book section is a news clipping of Harvey and Sophias' 25th anniversary party.

State of Illinois                                                                 Circuit Court of

Henry County                                                                   Said County, June

                                                                                        Term A.D. 1890

To the Honorable Judge as of said Court __________ Chancery Sitting.

Your Orutrix Sophia L. Clough of the County of Henry and State of Illinois respectfully represents unto your honors, that she is an actual resident of the said County of Henry and State of Illinois and now is and has been an actual resident of said County of Henry and State of Illinois for twenty-five years last first.  That on or about the 26th day of January A. D. 1855 at Windham County in the State of Vermont she was lawfully married to one Harvey V. Clough the defendant here in after married and has had by him children four of whom are now living all boys and the oldest three are each upwards of twenty-one years of age.  That the youngest child now living Clyde Clough is now upwards of eleven years of age but not yet twelve years of age.

That since her intra marriage and with the said Harvey V. Clough.  She has always behaved herself toward him as a chasened, dutiful and affectinate wife.

Your Orutrix further furthers attests that the said Harvey V. Clough not regarding his marriage relations and duties has since said intra marriage has been greatly of extreme and repeated cruility toward your Oratrix in this that he is a man of great uncertainty of temper and very frequently during the first five years was all in violent sullies of passion, shaking his clenched fist in her face and threatening to stomp her into the ground; at other times he threatens to choke her.  At other times for the prupose of making her life miserable.  Without cuase or provocation wrongfully untruthfully and crulity charged and accused your orutrix with having sexual intercourse with other men.  And on numerous occassions during the time mentioned he has used personal violence toward your Orutrix and particularly your Orutrix charges that sometime in the summer of 1884 the ___ time your Orutrix is now unable to state the said Harvey V. Clough is a cruel and angry man, violently struck and beat your Orutrix without cause or provocation thereby causing her to suffer great harm physically and mental angish.  And from that time and especially within the last two years he has become addicted to the use of intoxicating drinks and while under that infuence of these, conducts himself in a wild and incoherant manner, using vile and abusive language toward your Orutrix and making your Orutrixs life extremely miserable.  That again on or about the 30th day of May, 1890 he kicked your Orutrix in a violent and cruel way, he then being angry.  Your Orutrix further charges that on or about the tenth day of July, 1874 the said Harvey V. Clough at the County of Henry aforesaid committed adultry with one ___ Sherman.  That at or about the tenth day of Janurary 1890 at the City of Chicago in the State of Illinois the said Harvey V. Clough committed adultry with certain lewd women whose names are unknown to your Orutrix.

Your Orutrix further represents unto your honor that the said Harvey V. Clough is worth over and above all his indebtedness from twelve to thirteen thousand dollars ___of productive real estate in the county of Henry aforesaid that from time to time as his children have become of twenty-one years of age he has paid them large sums of money to start them in business that of all the money he paid out or property he owned by the said Harvey V. Clough has been assured by the mutual labors and savings of your Orutrix and the said Clough that your Orutrix is poor and has no property of her own and is without means of support.

For as much therefore as your Orutrix is without remedy in the pressures except in a court of equality and to the end that the said Harvey V. Clough who is made justly defendant to this bill may be required to make full and direct answer to the same but not under oath the cause being hereby covered that your Orutrix may be fread and divorced from the bonds of matrimoney now existing between her and the said defendant that your honors will decree to your Orutrix such finding of the property of the said defendant or such money to be given to her by the said defendant as your honors shall deem necessary and proper for her maintenance and that the said defendant be required to pay to your Orutrix a ___ sum of money to enable her to employ counsel to formulate this suit and for the support of hersef during the proceedings there of and that your Orutrix may have such other and further relief in the proceedings as equally shall require and to your honors shall attest.  May it please your honors to grant a writ of summons in Chancery ____ to the siad County of Henry commanding him to summons the said defendant to appear before the said Court on the first day of the June term there of A. D. 1890 to be held at the Court house in Cambridge in the County of Henry a aforesaid then and there to answer this bill ___.

George W. Wuile



State of Illinois                                                               Circuit Court

County of Henry                                                             of said County

                                                                                       June term there of 1890

Sophia L. Clough

           vs                               Divorce

Harvey V. Clough

I Harvey V. Clough the defendant here in above named do hereby swear the issueing of summons in said Court, cause and do hereby waive service of summons on me in the above entitled cause and hereby enter my appearance in said cause to the said June term of said Court A. D. 1890 which appearance I also hereby enter as fully and completely in every respect the same as if I had been duly served with papers of summons in said Court ten days prior to the first day of the June term 1890 of this court.


J K M Broom                                                                   Harvey V. Clough