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Matthys (Matthew) Flierboom (found as the patronymic name TysSservaes in N. Y.   Selyns Records - 1686), listed as a church member with his wife Marritie (Maria) Jacobs - patronymic.  They were married prior to 1672, about 1670.  They lived then at E beyond the Fresh Water T.  The old pond at Collect a Street in Old New York.

Matthew Flierboom was the first American Ancestor of the Vlerebome family.   He migrated to the New Netherlands somewhere about 1660 and settled at New Orange (Albany) where he became a man of note, rising to the dignities and honors of a colonial judge in the courts of Albany.  There he reared a family of five children:

  1. Caroline
  2. Willempie
  3. Maritie
  4. Servaes
  5. Jacob

and perhaps others.  About 1692 the family moved to New Amsterdam where Wellempie married in 1693, William Eckerson; Caroline in 1693, married Cornelius Jans Harling; Maritie married in 1694, Rynier Ryserick; Servas, in 1697, married Gertrude Lesting; Jacob married, in 1699, Maritie Peters Haring.  All these except Servaes, became residents of Bergen Co. New York.

-Reference.  C. B. Harvey - "Hudson and Bergen Counties"  pages 164 and 44.

Another child Catrina Vlierboom, born in Albany about 1676, died at Tappan, Orange Co., N. Y.  She was listed as the daughter of Matthys Servaes Vliereboom and Marie Van den Berg of Albany, N. Y.  Catrina Vliereboom married in Orange County, New York in 1693, Cornelius Huidekiper, born at New York March 4, 1672; died at Tappen, Orange Co. 1763.

-Reference - "The American Ancestry of Frederick Louis Huidekiper"

Donald A. Sinclair, a curator of the Special Collections at the Library of Rutgers University, and the editor of the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey writes:  "The first occurrence of the name, Vliereboom that I happen to have found is in the New York Dutch Church Records.  In the period between 1685 to 1697 five persons who then or later bore the name were married in that church.  A check of earlier baptisms shows that one Tys or Mattys (Matthew) Servaes (the patronymic name) and wife Maria or Marritje Jacobse had four children baptized; Maria, 1672; Servaes July 22, 1674; Frans, 1677; another Frans, 1681; other children born earlier must have been baptized elsewhere, perhaps at Albany.  Frans may have died young."

Feyte (Sophia) Flierboom, daughter of Judge Matthew, married Peter Jansen Bogert, Sept. 29, 1686 in New York City, resided in Tappen, New York.


Servaes Tyssen or Vliereboom, was baptized in 1674.  He married August 22, 1697 to Geertruyd Lesting.  Lesting was one branch of the Brower Family.  Their children were baptized in the New York Dutch Church.  They were Maritje, 1698; Margarita, 1700; Matthys, 1702; Pieter, August 6, 1704; and in the New York Lutheran Church; Catharina, 1709; Rachel, 1714.


Pieter Vliereboom who was baptized on August 6, 1704, married Jannetje Van de Voort.  The children baptized in New York; Geertruyd, 1730; another Geertruyd, 1732; Christina, 1733; another Christina, 1736; Servaes, March 18, 1744.

Peter Vliereboom in his will gave his occupation as a cordwainer, or worker of Cordavan Leather.  His will of 1747, proved the same year on December 12th.  He gave all of his shoemaker tools to his "only son" Servaas.  This is the Servaas (later known as Silvester Vlerebome) who went to Readington Township, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey.  In his will at Flemington, he spelled his own name Servevas.


Servaas was baptized on March 18, 1744.  He married Femmetie or Phoebe Scamp (Scomp, or huguenoot, de Schamp) about 1767.  Their children were baptized at the Readington Reformed Church.

 In Readington Reformed Church Cemetery, where he is buried with is wife Phoebe (Femmetje) Schamp Vlerebome, the inscription reads:

"In Memory of Selvuster Vlerebome, who Departed this life April 7, 1818, aged 75 years 13 days."

His wife Phoebe's inscription reads:

"In Memory of Phoebe Vlerebome, who Departed this life July 27, 1816 aged 76."

Their children are as follows:

  1. Geertrude was baptized, June 23, 1776
  2. Margarita was baptized, October 25, 1778
  3. Sara was baptized, March 11, 1781
  4. George was baptized, May 9, 1784
  5. Knjertje was baptized, March 12, 1769
  6. Peter was baptized, March 24, 1771


George Vlerebome was born on March 30, 1784.  He married Margaret Van Fleet (Flete or Vliet) [see Van Fleet], on January 5, 1805.  She was born on August 27, 1785.  She died December 12, 1855.  George died April 24, 1870.  Their children are as follows:

  1. Peter was born on Dec. 29, 1805
  2. JVF was born on Oct. 3, 1809
  3. Elizabeth was born on Oct. 21, 1812
  4. Sylvester was born on July 22, 1816
  5. Abraham was born on April 1, 1820
  6. Jane was born on March 25, 1822

NOTE:  The following is from "Genealogies of New Jersey Families" Vol II pages 710 and 711.

George and Peter Vlerebome Families

Contributed by Mrs. Hellen V. Thompson

"These families lived in the Readington Township area, Hunterdon County.  The record of Peter Vlerebome (v. 1805) is found in an undated Bible published at Philadelphia whose flyleaf is inscribed:  "Peter Vlerebomes's Book January 24, 1828."  The record of George Vlerebome (b. 1784) is on a loose sheet inserted in the same Bible.  Both are owned by the contributor, of 308 E. Allen St., Lancaster, Ohio.  Mrs. Thompson is greatly interested in the Vlerebome (Flierboom) family and is collecting data concerning it.  Photstats of the following records are on file in the Rutgers University Library.

George Vlerebome Family


George Vlerebome, born March 30, 1784, married January 5, 1805 Margaret Van Flete, born August 27th, 1785, died December 12, 1855


Peter Vlerebome, born De[ce]mber 29th, 1805, married January 31st 1829

J. V. F. Vlerebome, born October, 3d 1809

Elizabeth Vlerebome, born October 21st 1812

Sylvester Vlerebome, born July 22nd 1816

Abraham Vlerebome, born April 1st 1820, died April 17, 1843

Jame Vlerebome, born March 25th 1822, died July 6th 1825

The foregoing material is arranged in columns headed "Names," "Born," "Married," "Died," To convert these into a form more convenient for printing, regular paragraph entries have been used below, and the words "born," married," and "died," together with appropriate punctuation, have been inserted where needed; otherwise the spelling and other details are exactly as in the orginal manuscript.

Peter Vlerebome Family

Peter Vlerebome; And Elizabeth Latourrette; Was Married January 31st AD 1829


Peter Vlerebome; Born Decr 29th AD 1805;

Elizabeth LaTourrette; Born August 1st AD 1811

Jane Vlerebome Born December 30th AD 1829

Peter L Vlerebome, Born, June 10th AD 1832

John V F Vlerebome Born, September 8th 1834

George Vlerebome Was Born March 18th 1837 AD 1837

William H Vlerebome Born Febuary 27, 1842

Abraham Vlerebome Born May 21, 1843

James Coe Vlerebome Born July 21, 1846

Wm Caldwell Vlerebome Born Oct. 8, 1847

Anne Vlerebome Born April 18, 1850

Franklin P. Vlerebome Born april 8th 1853

Margaret Vlerebome Born July 3rd 1855


William H Vlerebome Departed this life October 18 1842

Franklin P Vlerebome Departed this life September 2nd 1853

Elizabeth Vlerebome Departed this life January 10 1863

George Vlerebome Died Nov. 9--1890


Sylvester Vlerebome was born in Readington Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey on July 22, 1816.  He married Judith Ann Stryker.  (see Stryker).  She was born in Hunterdon County on July 28, 1816.  She died in Belle Mead, New Jersey on November 18, 1880.  Following is a list of their children and all were born in New Jersey:

  1. Ide S was born on October 16, 1836
  2. Joseph was born about 1848
  3. Margaretta was born about 1849
  4. Melinda was born about 1850
  5. Mary was born about 1851
  6. Sarah was born about 1853
  7. Lucretia was born on May 30, 1856
  8. John was born about 1858


Lucretia Vlerebome was born on May 30, 1856.  She was the 4th generation Lucretia in her family.  Her grandmother was Lucretia (Skillman) Stryker.  Her great grandmother was Lucretia (Van Zandt) Skillman and her great great grandmother was Lucretia (Van Brant) Van Zandt.  Lucretia was born and raised in New Jersey.  She married Henry Dencker (see Dencker) on May 20, 1885, in New Jersey.  After a few years of marriage they moved to Washington County, Brighten, Iowa.  George died by his own hand May 28, 1928.  Lucretia died - a quote from the Washington Courthouse #118.  Death Book 3, page 104 dated February 2, 1912:

"Lucretia Dencker - married - Born New Jersey - maiden name, Vlerebome - informant, Henry Dencker - died 2, 2, 1912 - Dr. R. A. McGuire signed Feb. 3, 1912 - cause:  acute broncho pneumonia - cebrebal form intestinal auto intoxication - Buried:  Brighton, Feb. 3, 1912 - Undertaker:  C. S. Woodford, Brighten, Iowa."

Lucretia and Henry's childrens are:

  1. Anna Elizabeth was born in 1879 in New Jersey

  2. Sarah Coru was born in June 1887 in New Jersey

  3. Margaret was born in 1888 in New Jersey

  4. Emma was born Feb. 18, 1891 in Iowa

  5. Georgia was born in 1892 in Iowa

  6. Grace Opel was born in 1897 in Iowa.


Sarah Coru Dencker (see Dencker) married George Lyman Simpson (see Simpson)


Grace Simpson (see Simpson) married William F. Clough (see Clough)


Deborah L. Clough (see Clough) married Barry Phillip Gerischer (see Gerischer)


Rebekah L. Gerischer married Lio Iloilo

Erik J. Gerischer married Jennifer Garrison



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