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Alexander Simpson was born about 1670 in Flatlands, New York.  What we know about his is he lived in the Flatlands but in 1715 he is shown on the books in Staten Island for the militia.  He is on the roll of Captain James Poillon's Company in Richmond County, New York, shows as privates, "Alexander Simpson and John Simpson."

He married Jannetje Stevense Van Vorhees.  She was born in 1658 in Holland.  Her parents were Steven Coerte and Willentje Roelof (Seuberinge) Van Voorhees.  Steven Coerte Van Voorhees was born in Hees, Ruinen, Drenthe, Holland in 1600.  His second wife was Willemtje Roelof Seuberinge.  She was born in 1619 in Hees, Drenthe, Netherlands.  Her father was Roelof Lukassen Seubering.

Steven Coerte Van Voorhee came to America in April 1660 on the ship:  DeBonte Koe (the Spotted Cow).  He was 60 years old.  He purchased equipment to go into the brewing business.

In Oct. 1667 Steven with others, patented the town of Flatlands.  He was appointed magistrate and he and his wife were members of the church in Flatbush in 1677.

Jannetje Simpson died about 1690 in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Sept 5, 1713 Alexander had his will drawn up "being very sick and weak in body."  The will was not probated until Septenber 28, 1721.  Following is the content of the will:

To his wife Martha, he left "the sum of the full third part of all my lands, meadows and mill, as it shall be appraized by two or three honest men."  The remaining two-thirds of the property were to be divided into three equal parts, of which two were to go to his son John, and "Daughter, Sarah Simpson Shall have the one full third part of the price of the Remaining two-thirds of my lands, meadows and mill with the half part of my pewter potts and kettles."  The widow was also to have "My negro boy."  Alexander signed his will with his mark.

He named his wife Martha as his exerutrix.

On the same day he made his will up he added a codicil.  His widow as to be given two cows, half of the sheep, half of the hogs, and "after the first payment" of the price of her third of the estate, she was to leave the son John in possession of it, and he was to give a bond to the widow for the remainder of her share.  The codicil also directed that the son John should have two horses, a mare, a colt, a cow, three calves, the plows, a wagon "and tackling there to," and half of the sheep and hogs.  The daughter received the codicil, one cow and one calf.  Letters testamentery were granted to his widow.

 Children of Alexander and Jannetje (Van Voorhees) Simpson:

  1. John was born between 1691 and 1695 in Flatlands, New York,
  2. Sarah was born in 1708 in Flatlands, New York.


John Simpson was born between 1691 and 1695 in Flatland, New York.  John came from New York and settled in Elizabethtown, New Jersey.  John died on July 10, 1773 in New Jersey.  John and his wife had two sons:

  1. Alexander
  2. John


Alexander Simpson was born in New Jersey.  He was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church.  He married Elizabeth.  She died, April 2, 1768.  He died, May 1, 1768.  Alexander and Elizabeths children:

  1. Steven Simpson was born Sept. 18, 1749 near Elizabethtown, New Jersey.
  2. Simeon Simpson.  His first wife was Mary.  His second wife was Sally Rutan.  His tomestone reads "War 1776, 1st Pa. Regt., Continental Line."  He died in Washinton County, Penn.
  3. Abraham died March 29,  1770
  4. Nancys first husband was Mr. Ayers and her second husband was Mr. Rhodes.
  5. Mary was married on Nov 14, 1773 to Capt. Nathaniel Bonnel.


Steven Simpson was born near Elizabethtown, New Jersey, on Sept 18, 1749.  He married Elizabeth Sarah Conger on Sept. 17, 1772 in the Presbyterian church of New Providence, New Jersey.  Steven enlisted as private, 1776, at Elizabethtown, N. J. under Colonels Thomas and Smith.  Steven died on May 30, 1842 in Green County, Pa.  Children of Steven and Elizabeth:

  1. Samuel was born in 1806 in Morris Township, Green County, Pa
  2. David Conger Simpson.  Had eight children, the youngest was Ruth.
  3. Elizabeth died as an infant
  4. Oliver was born in 1788.  He married Elizabeth Shyright in 1812.  He died in 1837.
  5. William had a son Stephen who was part cripple.
  6. Alexander was born on Sept. 27, 1775.  He married Abigil Sanders and had 7 children.  He died in 1820.


Samuel Simpson was born in 1806 in Morris Township, Green County, Pa.  He married second wife Eliza Jane Wood.  She was born on July 28, 1825 in Richwood, Ohio.  She died on April 13, 1903 in Kalama, Washington.  He died on Feb. 4, 1882 in Pleasant Plain, Jefferson, Iowa.  Samuel and Elizas children are as follows:

  1. Victoria Amanda was born in 1844 in Ohio.  She married Abram Frankes
  2. Marilla Jane was born in 1845 in Ohio.  She married Jesse H. Hockett.
  3. Samuel Edward was born on Dec. 16, 1846 in Iowa.  He served in Co. K., 7th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, in the Civil War.  He died on Jan. 7, 1932 in Brighton, Iowa.
  4. Demetrius was born in 1842 in Iowa
  5. Olivet was born on Oct. 12, 1852 in Missouri
  6. Oliver was born in 1853 in Ohio
  7. William was born in 1855 in Iowa
  8. Millard Fillmore was born in 1858
  9. Abraham was born on Dec. 18, 1859 in Pleasant Plain, Jefferson, Iowa.  He married Martha Philena Matthews in Colcester, Mcdonough, Illinois.  He died on Dec. 7, 1948 in Dorchester, Saline, Ne.
  10. Everett Ambrose Burnside was born in 1862 in Pleasant Plain, Jefferson, Iowa.
  11. Dolly May was born in 1863 in Richwood, Union, Ohio.  She married mr. Pilcher.


Standing from Left to Right:  Fremont (Monte), George, Iva and Albert (Bert).  Sitting from Left to Right:  Olivet, Elizabeth (Lizzy) and she is holding Ethyl (Sally).

We don't know much about Olivet.  He was born on Oct. 12, 1852 in Missouri.  He married Elizabeth Rankin.  Her mother was Mary McNab from County Clare Ireland.  Elizabeth was born on Dec. 13, 1852 in Missouri.  Their children are as follows:

  1. Albert D. (Bert) was born on Feb. 6, 1876.  He married Mattie Ednora Wiles.  He died June 7, 1944.
  2. George Lyman was born in Jan. 1878, in Iowa
  3. Iva Dell was born Oct. 21, 1880.  She married Theodore Seldon Neely.  She died on Oct. 13, 1975 in California.
  4. Fremont (Monte) was born on Feb. 9, 1880.  He married Jewel Hammeroslag.  They did not have children.  He died on May, 19, 1972 in California.
  5. Ethyl Pauline (Sally) was born on Sept. 18, 1891.  She was married twice but did not have children.  She died on March 24, 1988 in California.


George Lyman Simpson was born in Jan., 1878 in Iowa.  He married sarah Coru Dencker (see Dencker) in 1907 in Washington Iowa.  The following children were born of this union all in Washington, Iowa.

  1. Grace Pauline was born on Sept. 1, 1909
  2. Otto was born in 1908.  He never married and died, 1960.
  3. Georgia died young
  4. Iva died young
  5. Beatrice

George Simpson standing in front of 321 W. 6th Street.  Now a Gold Coast Home in Davenport, Iowa.

Beatrice with Mr. Thielke, her dance instructor from Rock Island, Illinois.  Believe it or not she is still very good, at this writing.  She is the best Aunt in the whole world.  She is fun and loving and our family loves her very much.  We hope she stays with us for many more years.  This picture was taken in the 1920's.

This is Grace P. Simpson on her Harley Davidson in the early 20's.  She was the first women member of the Motorcycle Club of the Tri-Cities.  Her grandchildren and great grandchildren just love this photo.


Grace Pauline Simpson was born on Sept. 1, 1909 in Washington, Iowa.  She married William F. Clough (see Clough) on Aug. 27, 1929 in Washington, Iowa.  They were in Real Estate in Davenport, Iowa.  Bill died in an airplane crash in 1950.  (See Of Interest).  Grace married Joseph J. Strobbe in 1957 in Davenport, Iowa/  Joe was born on Dec. 4, 1910 and died Nov. 4, 1980.  Joe never had children.  Grace died on Nov. 18, 1994 at home.  Children of Grace and Bill:

  1. Donna

  2. Debbie

This is Grace and Bill on a vacation in the dessert somewhere out West.  Bill was a private pilot with his own plane.

Donna and Debbie standing in front of 321 West 6th Street in Davenport, Iowa.  People might not be able to tell which is the older sister now, but I think they are able to tell in this picture so I have proof.



Debbie Clough (see Clough) married Barry P. Gerischer (see Gerischer)


Rebekah Gerischer married Lio Iloilo

Erik Gerischer married Jennifer Garrison



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