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The following is part of a diary found in Belvan Gerischers personnal items after his death.  I am typing the words as written to include the spelling.  He titled the piece:

301 Days of Combat

G.P. 8 C Btry 546 AAA Bn.

  1. Camp Shanks 14th of April 1944.
  2. Boarded Queen Elizabeth on April 19th.
  3. Sailed April 20th.
  4. Arrived Greenock Scotland April 26th.  Firth of Clyde.
  5. Left Greenock for Stafford April 28th arrived same day.
  6. Stafford to Spanhoe near Kettering May 20th.
  7. Paratroopers left 2305 June 6th Jump Time 0259 6th.  Planes 0405.
  8. June 23rd fired at wash on north sea.
  9. July 4th left Spanhoe for Lobscombe Corners.
  10. July 7th left for Cadlands, Mants Robot bombs for first time.
  11. July 13th left for Southhampton.
  12. July 14th sailed for France.
  13. July 15th arrived on Omaha beach.
  14. July 17th thru Issigny Carentan and St. Mere Eglise to position near Magenville.
  15. August 1st moved south beyond Cautance 3rd army opperational today near town of Le Repos.
  16. August 6th ammo dump bombed.
  17. August 14th shot down P 47 after Pattons Hdqs. left for position near La Bozage.
  18. August 20th moved to position near France.
  19. August 25th moved to position near Courey aus Loges and Fithivers.
  20. September 4th moved to position near Ohalons.
  21. September 15th new position near Hermeville Etain and Verdun.
  22. October 2nd moved to Nancy.
  23. January 7th arrived Esch Luxenbourg.
  24. Febuary 1st moved to Longliers Belgium near Neufchateau.
  25. Moved to Sibert near Bastgone Feb. 20th.
  26. Misslead convoy to Ardennes forest to La Roche and Bougalise turned back to Elienbettingen Luxembourg.
  27. March 5th moved inside Germany five miles from Saarlautern.  Moved with 8 in. guns March 10th.
  28. Before in Germany went to France Monsdrof eight miles from Germany.  March 11th Saarlautern.
  29. March 20th Germans retreat.
  30. March 22nd thru Saarlautern, Sear Wellington, Reisback, Etweiler, Mausweiller, Kutzhof, Dellingen, Weishach, Merchweiller to Suenkrichen.  65th regrooped John Otto went home on furlough March 25th.
  31. March 27th to Deikirchen.
  32. March 28th to Essenheim.
  33. March 30th Crossed Rhine River at Mainz 11:00 P. M. thru Firenseen to Laubach.
  34. March 31st traveled the Super highway by passed Frankfurt going towards Kassel but never reached Kassel turned east 8 mi. south of Muhlhausen to Erfurt.  Went thru Gotha, Wiemar Jena, Gera, turned south towards Bamberg.  Never reached Bamberg stayed in Schwienfurt.
  35. April 1st moved into position near Village of Kelhiem.  Not far from Regensburg.  Saw the town of Neaumarchen shelled and burned.
  36. April 8th moved to position near Taan.
  37. 8:45 the next morning we saw our first two German planes shot one down with 65 rounds.  Drove all day.  Got another plane late that afternoon.  Drove all night that night.
  38. Arrive in Kreuzberg on Werra River.  Went to Mihia and stayed all night April 10th.
  39. April 18th shot down another plan saw dog fight with P 47 and FW 190 the 190 was shot down by P 47 B. C. captured the pilot.
  40. Return to rear for rest April 20th.
  41. From the rest back to the front April 26th 11:00 A. M. drove that day and all night long reached Heukerling near Regensburg.
  42. Fired in support of 260th Inf. division across Danube River recieved 88 shell fire from enemy one casualty April 28th.
  43. Crossed river and went to a town near Bad Arbach near Regensburg 80th Inf. and 13th armord moved up.  April 30th.
  44. May 1st moved stopping in a German house to spend the night got in bed but moved at midnight 4 miles spent the rest of the night on the ground.
  45. May 2nd moved to border of Austria.
  46. May 3rd moved to neuhaus on banks of Inns River still in Germany.
  47. May 4th crossed river into Austria at Scharding at 8 P.M.
  48. May 5th went forward 40 miles returned to scharding to guard the bridge but was relived before going into position so around we go and back to Austria headed for Lentz to link up with the Russians.
  49. May 6th arrived in Lentz set up on banks of the Danube River where Hitler went to school.
  50. May 7th war ended VE day May 9th.
  51. May 14th back again in Germany set up camp near Tutting stayed 5 days got march order loaded trucks waited 2 days unloaded set up camp again and are waiting for orders to go home or to the OBI.
  52. May 20th spreading rumors.