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Simon Huntington was born in England.  He married Margaret Baret on May 11, 1623 at St. Andrew's Parish in Norwich, England.  Margarets father was Christopher Baret.  He was Mayor of Norwich in 1634.  Her brother Thomas Baret was Mayor in 1650.  He was also a Colonel in the Norfolk Militia in the same year.  Margaret was born Sept. 29, 1595.  Her mother was Elizabeth Clarke Baret.

Simon and Margaret, with 5 children, left Yarmouth the first week in May, 1633 on the ship "Elizabeth Bongventure".  Simon died of Small Pox en route and was buried at sea.  The family arrived near Boston, June 15, 1633.

Margaret Huntington, the widow, married Thomas Stoughton in 1635 or 1636 and moved to Windsor, Conn.  He died in Windsor March 25, 1661.


Simon Huntington was close to four when he arrived in this country.  He most likely grew up in Windsor, Conn. with his family.  He married Sarah Clarke in Oct. of 1653 in Saybrook.  Her father was John Clarke of Saybrook.  He later moved to Milford.  In 1660 Simon  in settled Norwich Connecticut, where he was a member of Mr. Fitch's church, and was a deacon until 1696, when his son succeeded him.  He was a person of importance.  He was a member of the general assembly in 1674; had a grant of land in 1686, and was townsmen (selectman) in 1690 to 1696.  In 1694 he was a member of a committee to search out and report the deficiencies of the public records.  He served on the committee to seat the meeting house in 1697, a delicate and difficult service, as the relative rank of all the church members was thus fixed.  In 1700 he was on a committee to give deeds and fix titles of land in dispute or with defective title.    He died June 28, 1706 at the age of 87 years.

The following record is copied from the Windham probate records.

     To all Christian people to whom these presents may come:  Know ye that I, Simon Huntington, sen., of Norwich, in the county of New London, in the colony of Connecticut, in New-England, have of my free will, given, granted, unto my son Joseph Huntington, of the same town, county and colony aforesaid, and do by these presents, give, grant, alienate and pass over my whole right, title, interest in and unto our thousand acre interest, or one allotment, in the new plantation, above Norwich, that was willed by Joshua, Sachem, son of Uncas.  I, the aforesaid Simon Huntington, have freely and absolutely given, alienated and passed over unto the aforesaid Joseph Huntington, my whole allotment, situated and being in the southeast quarter of the aforesaid plantation above Norwich.

     March 2, 1691.                                                                                                Dead acknowledged Jan. 24, 1692

                                                                                                                              Before James Fitch, Assistant.

Sarah died in Milford in 1721 at the age of 88 years.  The first three children were born in Saybrook.  The other were born in Norwich.

  1. Sarah, born in August, 1634

  2. Mary, born in August, 1657.  She married a Forbes of Preston.

  3. Simon, born February 6, 1659

  4. Joseph, born September, 1661

  5. Elizabeth, born February, 1664, and died young.

  6. Samuel, born March 1, 1665

  7. Elizabeth, born October, 6, 1669

  8. Nathaniel, born July 10, 1672, died young

  9. Daniel, born March 13, 1675 or 1676

  10. James, born May 18, 1680


Daniel Huntington was born in Norwich, Conn.  He married Abigail Bingham on Jan 31, 1705 or 1706.   She was the daughter of Thomas and Mary (Rudd) Bingham.  She was born Nov. 4, 1679 and died Dec. 25, 1734.  She had five children.  Daniel then married Rachel Wolcott of Windham.  He died in Norwich, September 13, 1741.  His widow married, November 30, 1742, Joseph Bingham of Windham, who was born in 1687, and died, September 4, 1765.


Daniel Huntington was born in Norwich, Conn., March 24, 1711.  He graduated from Yale in 1733.  He married Sybil Bull of Milford on September 25, 1740.  She died, October 12, 1744.  She had two children.  He then married Rebecca Huntington on July 24, 1746.  She was born December 4, 1726.  Her parents were Isaac Huntington who was born February 5, 1688 and Rebecca Lathrop.  They were married Feb. 5, 1688.  Rebecca and Daniel had three children.  Daniel died in Norwich on July 26, 1753.  Rebecca died April 15, 1798.

Daniel was Justice of the Peace from 1751 until his death.  His tomestone reads "He had a liberal education, was an excellent scholar, sound reasoner, sagacious, just, and much esteemed in civil life, a plain Christian, kindhearted, tender, pious, faithful friend, a good neighbor, and anhonest man."


Daniel Huntington was born in Norwich, Conn.  He studied Medicine with Dr. Joseph Perry.  He commenced his practice in Woodbury around 1767.  He was a deacon in the church.  Daniel was the first postmaster in Woodbury, from 1797 to 1814.  A quote from "History of Woodbury."  "For several years before the close of his life, he relinquished the active duties of his profession, and confined his attention to his drug store.  He was a very celebrated chemical compounder."  He married Sibyl Tomlinson, who was born September 10, 1750 and died September 10, 1802.  Her parents were Capt. Isaac and Sybilla (Russell) Thomlinson.  Daniel died February 19, 1817, at Woodbury, Conn.


Daniel Huntington was born on September 7, 1772, in Woodbury, Conn.  He married Nancy Peck on October 10, 1798.  She was born on June 5, 1779 in Milford, Conn., and died October 17, 1860, in Onondaga Valley, N. Y.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Lambert) Peck.  Daniel was a druggist.  He died July 17, 1837, in Onondaga Valley, N. Y.  Their children are as follows:

  1. George Russell was born May 23, 1800
  2. Daniel Henry was born November 2, 1801


Daniel Henry Huntington was born on November 2, 1801.  He married Elizabeth Stevens on February 20, 1827.  She was born June 27, 1806 in Onondaga, New York.  She was the daughter of Jerry and Charlotte (Hurd) Stevens.  Daniel was a farmer and he died in Plymouth, Ind., July 12, 1873.  Their children are as follows.

  1. Horace George was born on April 9, 1828
  2. Harriet Elizabeth was born on April 29, 1830
  3. Helen Maria was born on October 18, 1831
  4. Henry Jeremiah was born on January 12, 1834
  5. Mary Emily was born on January 6, 1836
  6. Joseph Daniel was born on October 8, 1837
  7. Emeline Caroline was born on July 20, 1839
  8. Edwin Stevens was born on June 15, 1841
  9. Nancy Augusta was born on July 30, 1843


Edward Stevens Huntington was born on June 15, 1841 in Onondaga Valley, New York.  He married Bell Susan Perault on Nov. 1, 1867 in Onondaga Valley, New York.  She was born in Quebec, Cananda and was the daughter of Joseph Perault.  She died near Creston Iowa, Union County.  Edward was a farmer and lived in Creston, Iowa.  He died December 19, 1916.  Their children are as follows:

  1. Grace Gertrude was born on April 18, 1870.  She died in 1871.
  2. Walter Russell was born on October 16, 1871.
  3. Robert Stevens was born on Feburary 11, 1873.
  4. Elmor Edward was born on April 7, 1874.
  5. Fred Dean was born on January 17, 1876.  He died in 1889.
  6. Arthur Leslie was born on September 7, 1877.
  7. Burton Leroy was born on April 8, 1879.
  8. Ruth Margery was born on March 15, 1881.
  9. Harry Foster was born on September 22, 1883.
  10. Mattie Augusta was born on July 16, 1887.


On the Left is Elmer Huntington and on the right is Bertha Nichols Huntington.

Elmor Edward Huntington was born on April 8, 1874 in Creston, Iowa.  He married Bertha Katherine Nichols on December 31, 1902 near Creston, Iowa.  She was born on August 6, 1880 in Crestion, Iowa, Union County.  Her parents were Alonzo and Julia (Wallace) Nichols.  She died October 22, 1961 in Davenport, Iowa, Scott County.  Elmor died November 18, 1954 in Davenport.  Their children are as follows.

  1. Mildred Evelyn was born on October 2, 1903.  She died in 1999.
  2. Ralph Waldon was born on November 19, 1905.
  3. Bert Alonzo was born on December 3, 1907.
  4. David Milton was born on March 27, 1911.
  5. Wilbur Gail was born on July 7, 1914.


Bert Alonzo Huntington was born on December 3, 1907 in Creston, Iowa, Union County.  He married Katherine Otis.  She was born on June 5, 1906 near Creston, Iowa.  She died September 10, 1982 in Davenport, Iowa.  Bert died June 24, 1992 in Davenport, Iowa, Scott County.  The following children were born to this couple:

  1. Marguerite Katherine was born on September 21, 1924.
  2. Phyllis Eileen was born in 1932.


Marguerite Katherine Huntington was born on September 21, 1924 in Creston, Union County, Iowa.  She married Belvan Paul Gerischer on March 1, 1947 in Davenport, Iowa.  He was born on January 1, 1922 in Mustatine, Iowa.  His parents were Walter Wendell and Coyla Juanita (Chandler) Gerischer.  He died November, 1997 in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa.  Marguerite died in September 1978 in Davenport, Iowa.  The following children were born of this marriage:

  1. Michael Kerry married Thelma
  2. Barry Phillip married Debbie
  3. Juanita Kathleen married William Grandy
  4. Walter Paul
  5. Bernard Dean married Penny


Barry Gerischer (see Gerischer) married Debbie Clough (see Clough)


Rebekah Gerischer married Lio Iloilo

Erik Gerischer married Jennifer Garrison



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