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Of course heaven on earth are the grandchildren and we have 6 almost 7.

On the left is my first born nephew.  He was my first little bit of heaven.  He is now almost 40.

Brandon, our first born grandson is a straight A student and plays all sports.  He is almost 13.

Brandon and Sarah getting ready for Holloween.  Their mother Becky made their outfits.

Brandon taking after his grandfather on the farm.

Ryan as a toddler and Ryan on the right after a hard day at his Mee Mee's and Pa Pa's farm.

Kids having fun and Sarah helping her Pa Pa

Nathan is king

                              Sarah is the princess

Dillon on the left

Sarah and her friend Rachel on Bobby Socks.  The mini horse we have for the grandchildren.

Baby Kaylah is the youngest grandchild but will soon have a brother or sister.

On the right are Eriks' children, Ryan and Dillon.

This is Kaylah now.

On the left is Sarah our princess.

On the right is Sarah and her grandfather.  Barry drove 370 miles to take Sarah to a Father-daughter Girl Scout Dinner.

Baby Ryan being held by his mother, Jennifer, reaching up to Sarah that is being held by her grandfather.