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Lots of flowers for every occasion. A Lei for around the neck and a Hakulei for on top of the head.  This was a special occasion for Barry and I.

We all are getting ready to start our Christmas program at Hukilau Baptist Church in Wahiawa Hawaii.  Pastor Marcum was our Pastor and Mrs. Marcum is the lady in the front row with the lei.

This is our daughter, Becky making her special punch (Sherbet and soda) for after the Christmas program.

My sister, Donna gave her son Bill a trip to Hawaii for his graduation present.  Of course she had to come along.  They stayed 3 weeks and we really had a lot of fun in the sun and sand and the Officiers Club and sight seeing.  Our family became very good tour guides for our families.  We were there 4 years and 7 months.  

The picture has my nephew, Bill, Donna and my husband Barry at Pearl Harbor.  We were getting ready to out to the Arizona Memorial.

Donna and our son, Erik at Pearl Harbor.  Erik has a Hammer Head Shark.  I am not sure what my sister has.

You can see the back of our sons head, little Aaron.  You can see half of Eriks face.  Bill, my nephew is hold coral from the North Shore.  There are so many beaches to experience while living in Hawaii.  We had our favorites.  But when company came - we took them to all of them.

Erik and Bill showing off the bananas growing in our front yard.  They were the sweetest and best bananas we have ever tasted.  A banana tree will produce one batch and die, but two banana trees will grow from the one.  We had a very small yard in Mililiani Town, where we lived so the bananas came down.  The rumor was if you planted a pencil in the ground in Hawaii, it would grow.

A fig tree, but no figs.  Only the female trees are in Hawaii.

We had a party at our Pastors house one night and we had played a game with dried beans.  In a few weeks Mrs. Marcum had beans growing all over her yard.

Just for fun we had taken the top off of a pineapple and planted it.  Well we got a wonderful sweet pineapple that Aaron is showing off.  It was fun for the kids to watch it grow.                                                                                                              

  I worked for awhile for Del Monte and that spoiled me for any pineapple here on the mainland.

My 4 favorite little Keiki's.  Aaron is with my neighbor, Pats girls.  Kaila, Alanna, and Leisha.  They would call me Auntie and I loved them so.  Once they had what I thought to be  beef jerky.  I asked for a bite and it was jerky alright but dried fish.  Not to my liking.  Pat taught me how to eat local.  She made me taste and then she told me what I was eating.  Alanna is grown now with a child of her own.

Paul Horton is bidding us Aloha.  We were at the airport getting ready to leave for the last time.  Paul was in Viet Nam with Barry and is a very good friend.  Barry was now retired.  And now we were on another adventure in life.  Farm Liv'in was going to be the life for me.