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Walter Wendell Gerischer was born March 5, 1883.  His natural parents were William Fitzgerald and Harriet Lucy.  (We aren't sure on the spelling on Lucy).  Harriet died after the birth of Walter.  He was raised by Wilhemina Placke (Bebush) Gerischer, widow of Theo E. Gerischer, in Muscatine, Iowa.  A legal adoption did not take place.  He married Coyla Juanita Chandler (see Chandler).  She was born on October 27, 1895 in Muscatine, Iowa.  Walter served in the Army in the Spanish American War.  He farmed in Muscatine County.  Walter died March 22, 1966 in Muscatine.  Coyla died July 9, 1967 in Muscatine, Iowa.  Following are their children.

  1. Belvan Paul Gerischer who was born Jan. 1, 1922
  2. David who died young.
  3. Lucy
  4. May


 Belvan Paul Gerischer was born January 1, 1922 in Muscatine Iowa.  He served in WWII (part of his diary of 301 days of combat is in the In Honor of section).  He was in the U.S. Army, Battery B, 808th Field Artillery.  He married Marguerite Huntington (see Huntington) on March 1, 1947 in Davenport, Iowa.  He was a member of Davenport Masonic Lodge 37 and of VFW Post 828.  He retired in 1974 after 30 years at the Rock Island Arsenal.  He died in November 1997 with military honors.  The following children were born of this union:

  1. Michael Karry

  2. Barry Phillip

  3. Juanita Kathleen

  4. Walter Paul

  5. Bernard Dean


 Barry Gerischer was born in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa.  He graduated from West High School.  Went to college on a basketball scholarship but felt a duty to this county.  He enlisted in the US Army and after basic training and AIC went to Ft. Knox Ky. to OCS.  The day after graduating as a 2nd Lt., he married Deborah L. Clough (see Clough).  And so started a very exciting life.  Barry served 2 tours inViet Nam.  He was a helicopter pilot.  He received 2 Purple Hearts.  He had 5 commands.  We moved 18 times in 20 years.  He retired a highly decorated Officer.  After retiring from the service, we moved to the family farm.  As a part time farmer he enjoys all of his animals.  He also gardens.  His vegetable garden is 40' by 80'.  Depending on the market we have cows, pigs, horses, chickens (with eggs), a goose, dogs and cats.  We have tried turkeys, pheasents, lambs, and ducks.  He is currently Director of Industrial Relations/HR.  He enjoys his adult children, grandchildren and foster children.  The children are as follows:

  1. Rebekah
    1. Brandon
    2. Sarah
    3. Nathan
    4. Kaylah
    5. Isaiah Phillip (ETA May 16, 2000)
  2. Erik
    1. Ryan
    2. Dillon
  3. Aaron