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This is our farm.  The lightest green color toward the bottom of the picture is our pond.  We have wild deer, quail, turkey, squirrel, and rabbits.  We even have an outhouse.

Our house on the left with the stop leak on the roof (tarp and tar).  On the right - Winter on the farm.

On the left, getting ready for a hot dog roast.

On the right - the last pig after the market bottomed out.

Our Sheep                             Our Cows                                         Our Ducks

Left are our three horses.

Right is a new born baby calf.

Our geese with their babies.

Barry with Ryan and Sarah - Our babies.


On the Right is the hog for our annual Hog Roasts.

Great grandpa Bert and Aaron.

Hog roast time.

On the right, Michael, my nephew and our son Erik.

Barry the egg man.          Jennifer and grandkids.            

                                                                                                   That is a snake in his hand.