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William Rily Sr. Chandler was born in 1771 in Virginia.  He married Sally Logan before 1790.  She died February 12, 1883 in Washington County Indiana.  William died October 15, 1831 in Wahington County, Indiana.

"Estate of William Chandler, Senr., 15 Oct. 1831 Last Will & Testament was proven by Levi Wright one of the wittnesses.  The executor named (John Wright) refused to act and LA with will annexed granted to Ezekiel D. Logan with Charles Carter as security.  Chandler says he is 'being now well stricken in years'.   Wife was Sally, daughters Polly Nelson, Tempy Lewelling, Elizabeth Williams, Salley Luck and Margaret Young.  Sons Isaich, William and Martin.  Leaves to his grandson John Chandler who is son of his daughter Margaret Young."

Taken from Hoosier Journal of Ancestry - Washington County Special #2 - Probate Record Book B - 1830 - 1837

Feb. 12, 1833

"The petition of Sally Chandler widow of William Chandler late of said Co. deceased, left Issue, one grandson, John Chandler (son of Margaret Young) an infant under the age of 14 years has no guardian and prays your honor to appoint Exekiel D. Logan his guardian"

                                                                               Sally Chandler

Taken from:  Washington County Ind.  Courthouse guardianship papers.

Children of William Chandler:

  1. Esaiah
  2. Martin
  3. Mary "Polly"
  4. Tempy
  5. Elizabeth
  6. Margaret
  7. William Riley Jr.


Martin Chandler was born in 1800.  He married Betty Spoon on October 28, 1824 in Washington County, Ind.  Her father was Christian Spoon.  Christian Spoon is in the 1840 Washington County, Ind., Census.  Following are the children of Martin and Betty.  All were born in Washington County, Ind:

  1. Edmund, born 1825
  2. girl, born 1827
  3. boy, born 1830
  4. girl, born 1832
  5. girl, born 1838


Edmund Chandler was born May 20, 1825.  He married Hannah Angeline Gordon on April 25, 1849 in Washington County, Ind.  She was born on Aug. 22, 1827 in Washington County, Ind.  She was the daughter of Howard Gordon, born Feburary 23, 1884 in Va.  "She came to Indiana with her parents when a child of seven years.  At the time of settlement on the bank of the Muscatatuck river, where the town of Sparksville is now located, there were only two or three other cabins beside the small one which they erected.  Howard Gordon followed farming until his death, May 23, 1861.  He also drove a huckster wagon, taking produce to Louisville.  It was long before the railroads were built and on his return trips he would deliver merchandise to the business men of his locality."  from History of Washinton County, Indiana.  

Hannahs mother was Mary (Shield) Gordon, born January 28, 1801 near Knoxville, Tenn.  She died January 14, 1883.  Her parents were John and Hannah (McClurg) Shields.  Edmund was a farmer and died July 7, 1897 in Pomeroy (now a Ghost Town), Mercer County, Illinois.  Hannah died February 6, 1904 in Little York, Warren County, Illinois.  Children of Edmund and Hannah and all were born in Mercer County, Illinois:

  1. David Edward was born in 1865
  2. Howard was born in 1854
  3. John B was born in 1853/55
  4. Clara E. was born in 1859
  5. Charles Elmer was born Febuary 23, 1860
  6. Frank Grant was born in 1868


David Edward Chandler was born October, 25, 1865 in Mercer County, Illinois.  When David was 14 they moved to Muscatine, Iowa.  He married Katherine Haney on Jan. 28, 1889 in Sweetland, Muscatine County, Iowa.  Her parents were Patrick Haney, born in 1830 in Dublin, Ireland.  He married Mary O'Rourk June 15, 1857 in Muscatine, Iowa.  Mary was born in Newry, County Down, Ireland, December 24, 1832.  She came to America when she was 20 years old and lived in New York for 2 years.  She came to Iowa in 1854.  That union was blessed with 6 daughters and 2 sons.  She passed away from a stroke on December 6, 1916 in her home on Sherman Street in Muscatine, Iowa.  Patrick Haney froze to death on March 16, 1885 in Sweetland Township, Muscatine County, Iowa. [The news chipping of this story is in the Scrapbook Section.]

David Chandler worked for Standard Oil for 20 years.  After a month of retirement he passed away, December 12, 1929 in Muscatine.  He had undergone an operation for amputation of his foot in attempt to halt a gangrenous condition which resulted in his death.  He served in the Spanish American War.  Katherine died at her daughters home on September 4, 1937 in Muscatine.  Children of David Edward Chandler and Katherine Harriet Haney were all born in Muscatine, Iowa:

  1. Chester James was born June 9, 1889
  2. Coyla Juanita was born October 27, 1895
  3. Jewell was born Dec. 8, 1900
  4. Edwin Rosewell was born July 2l 1902


Coyla Juanita Chandler was born October 27, 1895 in Muscatine, Iowa.  She married Walter Wendell Gerischer  before 1920.  He was born March 5, 1883.  (see Gerischer)  He farmed.  He served in the Spanish American war.  He passed away Mach 22, 1966.  Coyla passed away July 9, 1967 in Muscatine.  Coyla and Walters children all were born in Muscatine, Iowa:

  1. Belvan Paul was born January 1, 1922
  2. David died young
  3. Lucy
  4. May


Belvan Gerischer (see Gerischer) married Marguerite Huntington (see Huntington)


Barry Gerischer (see Gerischer) married Debbie Clough (see Clough)


Rebekah Gerischer married Lio Iloilo

Erik Gerischer married Jennifer Garrison


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