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This section will be updated on a regular basis.  It will include what is happening in our family.

Happy Birthday Aaron. - Brandon is playing basketball. - Sarah is selling Girl Scout Cookies - Nathan is playing basketball - Becky is PG - Lio is working hard - Kaylah is always in trouble - Erik is fixing furnaces - Jennifer is entrepreneuring and is on T. V. a lot lately - Ryan is doing well in school - Dillon is in preschool - Mere has started a new job and is doing very well - Barry continues to work and work and work - Debbie is having fun with the computer and loves meeting new cousins.

The question of the month:  Where are Erik and Jennifer going to eat tonight?

Barry flew south for the week but got back in time to dig us out from the snow storm.

Erik and Jennifer came out to help dig out and brought carry-out - so we know where they ate last Thurs.

I would love to have a "Recipe of the Week" section, so I will start to get that together.  Email Me with your suggestions on type of recipes.

More to come so stay tuned for the "Days of our lives"