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From Sioux Falls we moved back to Ft. Rucker Ala.  Our last baby, Aaron was born there.  Then we moved to Hawaii for five years.  While there I had the opportunity to visit Japan and Korea.  Barry then retired from the Military and we drove cross country to home.  Aaron had moved to Hawaii when he was only two.   So driving across our great country, Aaron learned so much.  He saw the wheat fields and said "Look, the Amber waves of grain."  We took him to the Black Hills of S. D. since he had not been born on our last trip there.  He said "The Purple Mountain Majesty."  Aaron only knew sugar cane fields and pineapple fields.  That trip was really fun.  Arriving "HOME" - another new life would begin for us - this time it would be "Farm Liv'in".

Barry taught Sunday School and coached our sons basetball team to a State Victory.  Our first grandchild was born.  We celebrated my mothers 80th birthday with a "Grand Open House".

1980 - Saddam Hussein invades Iran.  Beginning a war that would last until 1988. - John Lennon is killed.

1981 - The release of 52 American hostages held by Iranian militants for 444 days.

1982 - Princess Grace of Monaco, killed in a car accident - Tylenol capsules lased with cyanide, killed 7 people - first artificial heart replacement.

1983 - Nazi war crimmal, Klaus Barbie, arrested

1984 - Oprah makes TV debut - Rubiks Cube

1985 - Two major earthquakes in Mexico City

1986 - Space Shuttle Challenger explodes

1987 - Black Monday - US involment in Iraian War

1989 - Death of Emperor Hirohito, longest reigning ruler of Japan - Tiaranmen Square - Romanian President Ceausescu adn wife are executed - Earthquakes in San Francisco


This is our son, Aaron.

Erik and Aaron to the left.

On the right at our home in Enterprise Ala.  Barry, Aaron, Erik and Debbie.

Debbie - On the right:  We took many trips to Panama City during the 7 years we lived in Ala.

These pictures were taken the day we left to fly to Hawaii on another one of our lifes adventures.

Erik grow up during our stay in Hawaii.  This picture was taken shortly before coming home.  He might be 14 here.

Our daughter Becky grow up in Hawaii also.  She was 16 years old here.

The older kids flew home from Hawaii early to start school.  Aaron stayed with us.  When we left Hawaii we picked our car up in Calif.  We wanted Aaron to be able to see the good old MainLand the USA.  He had never been to the Black Hills so we made a detour and took him there.

This is our four generation picture.  Becky, Debbie, Grace and the first grandchild, Brandon.

These pictures were taken at Moms 80th birthday open house.  

Sisters, Bea and Grace.