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Barrys' first and second commands.  Second child, first born son.  Second tour of Viet Nam.  And this decade saw lots and lots of moves.

1970 - GM goes on strike - The Beatles Breakup - The Clean Air Act - Many War demonstrations - The EPA is born.

1971 - Stamps are 8 cents - soft contacts are approved - The Peoples Republic of China becomes part of the United Nations - Disney World opens.

1972 - 30% of oil is imported - Governor Wallace is shot - June 17:  5 men arrested for breaking into Watergate - August:  Woodward and Bernstein begin the investigation of Watergate - Jane Fonda visits North Vietnam

1973 - Supreme Court rules abortion is legal - "Sears Tower" in Chicago opens - Jan 28:  A cease fire in Vietnam ends the ground war - gasoline shortage - Haldeman, Erlichman, and Dean resign - Billy Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs - Vice President Agnew resigns

1974 - National speed limit to 55 to save fuel - The word processor begins to replace the typewriter - Patty Hearst is kidnapped - "Streaking" - Nixon resigns

1977 - Stars Wars begins

The Gerischer family, 1971.  From Left to Right, Back Row:  Mike, Nita Grande, Walt, Debbie, Barry, Bill Grande, Benny.

2nd Row from Left to Right:  Darla, Bill, Maggie, Dena.

3rd Row from Left to Right:  Cris, Mike Jr., Erik the baby in Maggies arms and Becky.

Erik as a baby on the Left and Becky on the right in her Daddys' helicopter.

Erik at 1 year old.  His boys look just like him and one acts just like him.  

R & R of 1971.  One week in Hawaii was not long enough, but it was fun.

The picture on the left was done at mothers request.  Donna and I had so much fun that day.  Mom wanted a big picture of her girls on the fireplace.  The year was 1971.

The picture on the right is Erik with long hair, Barry, Jay Van Fossen and Becky.  We were up north on another fishing trip.

Pre 49er Party at Ft. Rucker Ala.  Paula Fix, Major General William Maddox and Debbie.  It was the post fund raiser of the year.  As you can see it was a lot of fun.  We Can Can Girls had to act the part.

To the left is the Polyester family.  Now polyester is back.

On the right:  Debbie and Paula Fix as Co-Chairman of the OWC Bazaar at Ft. Rucker, Ala.

Orange and gold of the 70's.  Erik being sweet.  He was once in a while.

Becky had a Holly Hobbie bedroom.

On the right:  Disney World had just opened so we, the Gerischers, Van Fossens, and Strobbes went on another road trip to Fla.

Left: Barry with the Elliots - Deep Sea fishing in Fla.

On the right:  Joe, Erik and Becky fishing up north on yet another road trip.

Erik and Becky.  My sisters family:  Carl, Donna, Mike and Bill Seitz.

Barrys' little brother Ben.  He now has 5 children and is a wonderful husband and father.

The Bad Lands and the Black Hills.  Another Road Trip.