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Barry and I grew up in the 60's -  Our family moved to Phoenix for a year and then back home.  More vacations.  First dates - first cars - Newcomb Dances - Prom Skating Rink - Sports - Dance lessons - T P ' ing - The Draft House - KSTT Cutie of the Week - Riding the One Ways - Graduation - Miss Davenport Pageant - College - Army - OCS - Marriage - First Home - First Child - Flight School - First Tour of Viet Nam.

So many events in the world happened in the sixties also:

1960 - My first nephew, Michael Seitz was born - The first aluminum flat - top can of coke was introduced - FDA approves Birth controll pills

1961 - The Bay of Pigs - The Berlin Wall - May 5, 1st man in space

1962 - The National Guard is called to the University of Mississippi - Johnny Carson starts his 30 year reign - Cuban Missile Crisis - Wilt Chamberlains 100 point game

1963 - Women's Lib Begins - President Kennedy is assassinated

1964 - Beatles invades the USA - Cassius Clay takes title from Sonny Liston - Civil Rights Act outlaws Segregation

1965 - Quad Cities Flood

1966 - F. Lee Bailey defends Sam Sheppard

1967 - "Six Day War"

1968 - Dr. Martin Luthern King assissinated - Bobby Kennedy Assassinated

1969 - Astronauts land on the moon - Woodstock

Barry and I had just started to date.  The year was 1966.

My graduation present from high school.  We had fun riding the one ways in Davenport.

This was taken just before the Miss Davenport Pageant.

No I did not win.  I didn't even place.

Left:  Barry still in OCS at Ft. Knox Ky.

On the Right:  Our Wedding day almost 33 years ago.

Barrys' Mother and Grandmother.

Barry received his Wings from Flight School in Savannah Ga.  Then he went to Cobra Transition in Savannah Ga.

He took 30 days leave while I had our first child.  Becky was born 11 days before he went on his first tour of Viet Nam.

Rebekah Leigh Gerischer.  Doesn't seem possible she is getting ready to have her fifth child.

Becky with my stepfather, Joe Strobbe.  Joe never had children of his own so he really enjoyed my sisters and my children.  He was a wonderful dad and grandfather.

Above:  Becky and Debbie and Barry in Hawaii in 1969 on R & R.  Becky was 11 days old when Barry went to Viet Nam for the first time.

This picture was in the paper.  We were doing something for our "waiting wives club" of the Quad-Cities.