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Before Shopping Malls - The Beatles - Hippies

Lots of Drive-In's - Movies and Food

1950 - William F. Clough dies in Plane Crash with Vern Johnson and Harlen Deem.

Trips to California, Mexico, New Orleans, Flordia and Disneyland.

Summers at Smith-Walbridge Baton Twirling Camp

1953 - First year of School.  My Kindergarden Class opend H. M. Perry School in the West End of Davenport, Iowa.

Discovery of DNA - Polio Vaccine proves effective

1954 - 20 computers were built - Supreme Court decision ends school segregation - Donna Clough is Iowa State Champion in Baton Twirling.

1956 - Ampex/1st video tape recorder - Busch beer is born - Dow peaks at 521.06 - The Interstate Highway Begins

1957 - Barry Gordy, Jr. invests $700 to found "Motown Records" - 1,000 computers were built - Ford spends $250 millon to market the Edsel - Mom marrys Joe after being a widow for nine years.

1958 - The U. S. Launches its first satellite, called Explorer 1 into space - 4 cent postage stamps - Visa and American Express cards are introduced - The median U. S. family annual income is just over $5,000 - Elvis "You're in the Army Now" - Sweet n'Low is used as an artifical sweetener - 100 million Hula Hoops were sold - The Boeing 707 goes into production

1959 - Alaska and Hawaii were admitted to the U.S. - The birth of Barbie - Donna marries Carl Seitz.

TRIPS IN THE 50'S and Family Memories

Above:  Redwood Forest.  Please don't feed the bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Right:  Debbies' favorite sleeping place when going on road trips.

  Debbie at Hialeah Race Track in Florida.

My Grandmother, Sarah Dencker Simpson and me, Debbie in New Orleans.

Van Fossens, Bakers and Clough's on the way to California on vacation.

Not in picture order but family order:

The Bakers - Bobby, Bev, Bonnie, Roberta, Leota, and Gary.

The Van Fossens - Will, Vera, Barb, Ron, and Jimmy.

Debbie Clough

Brother and sister Baker married brother and sister Van Fossen.

Mom, Grace Simpson Clough and daughter, Debbie I believe in California.

  Debbie in Colorado

Mom and Joe on the Mississippi  River in front of our house.  Now it is just below the 280 bridge on the Iowa side.

Jean Lippencott and Johnney Van Dykes Wedding.  Mom is Maid of Honor and I am the Flower Girl.

My sister Donna Clough (Seitz) on the Cover of Drum Major.  She was Iowa State Champ in 1954.  Even in her 60's she is still good at Baton Twirling.  She taught at Smith Walbridge Camp in the summers so I got to tag along and Mom worked in the kitchen.  We always had to be traveling.  I believe that is why I love my home so much now.

Debbie could never keep up with Donna and baton twirling.

The Staff at Smith-Walbridge Camp.  Mom is bottom right.

Moms' Bowling League from Davenport, Iowa