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1940:  Centennial bridge opens between Davenport, Iowa and Rock Island, Illinois.

1941:  Japan bombs Pearl Harbor.

1944:  D Day Invasion.

1945:  First atomic bomb test in New Mexico.

1946:  ENUAC is world's first computer.

1947:  Jackie Robinson breaks baseball's color line.

1948:  Israel Achieves Statehood.

1949:  Mao Tse-tung assumes power in China.

In this decade Debbie was born first then Barry.  For three months Debbie is a year older than Barry.

The Henry Frahm House at

321 West Sixth Street

Davenport, Iowa.

Debbie lived in this house when she was born.  Her father Bill Clough made it into many apts.  It is now a Gold Coast Home and a single family dwelling once again.

Debbie as a baby.  Debbie with her sister, Donna.  And Debbie with her father Bill Clough.  He died in 1950.

Barry  Phillip Gerischer.  Wasn't he just sooooo cute?